Trying To Succeed With A Weight Loss Program?

Weight Loss GoalsMost people have a hard time staying motivated when trying to lose weight. The initial weight loss phase can be fairly easy but once the going gets tough, a lot of individuals find that they have a hard staying motivated.

Knowing what steps to take when trying to succeed with a weight loss program is essential. Hopefully, the suggestions below will encourage you to push for and eventually reach your weight loss goals!

Write Your Goals Down: I can’t begin to tell you how important this is. When you write your goals down you make them real. You are literally turning thoughts into something tangible by writing your goals down. People tend to skip the lost art of writing down weekly, monthly, long-term goals.

Your progress will be much easier to track if you write down your initial goals and have a material record of where you want to go. Write down how much weight you want to lose in a set period of time. When making goals you want to make sure that they are challenging enough to make the journey exciting but also realistic. Think big!

Consider writing down motivational quotes or mantras and place them in spots you’re likely to view. Placing a quote like “suffer the pain of discipline today or the pain of regret forever” on your fridge may be enough encouragement for you to make the right choice when opening the fridge.

Track your progress: It’s not just about writing down your goals but also making sure that you are meeting the goals you set. Track the inches you have dropped and weigh yourself once a week on a calibrated scale so you know which direction you’re going.

Nutrients are more important than calories but consider roughly tracking calories per meal. Write down what you’re having for dinner so when you look back you may notice some of the mistakes you have been making with your food choices.

Tracking is the number one shortcut to weight loss success.

Reward yourself: There are more ways to reward yourself then a weekly cheat meal. Consider buying yourself a new pair of running shoes if you reach your monthly goal.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Understand that weight loss is a journey and having little rewards for hitting small goals will keep you going. Little wins pile up and eventually grow into a major victory.

Remember, small rewards for hitting small goals, a big celebration when you reach your long-term goal.

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